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Jim Axelrod: How long was your career at Creighton? just kinda dropped haphazardly right where Thomas was. That was the first clue and it would one day prove critical – the neighbor's sighting of a silver Honda SUV, with out-of-state plates, prowling the streets of Dundee. Warner: It caught her attention not only because of the car, but watching an individual that exited the car -- take a satchel and then walk northbound on this street. Jeff Sherman: We did not want it to just go away, disappear. Mois: Kinda seemingly was coming back to haunt him. He had been fired again – this time from that job as a medical worker in a prison. Mois: I needed to find out where he was on May 12, 2013. And Anthony Garcia was caught on camera -- just outside Omaha, buying a case of Bud Light that very same day. Detectives headed for Garcia's Terre Haute home, but, when they got there, he was nowhere to be found. Warner: Our concern was that he was leaving Terre Haute and he was headed south towards Louisiana. Bob Motta Jr., his father, and their legal associates, were the Chicago-based powerhouse defense team Anthony Garcia's parents spent their entire life savings to hire. Hunter just a few days after Garcia was fired from Creighton. Chhanda Bewtra: We terminated him, but we don't want him to be jobless, destitute. Brenda Beadle: I thought she was extremely credible, and she had nothing to gain by coming forward. And the jury saw the gun cops believe Garcia used to kill Roger Brumback. The serial number matches the one on the gun box found in his Terre Haute apartment. He's thinkin' of three people: Brumback, Hunter and Bewtra. Jim Axelrod: So every time Anthony Garcia is looking for a job, this letter signed by Brumback and Hunter…Det. For Mois, Garcia was looking more and more like his No. It's a pristine suburb in a golden valley about an hour east of Los Angeles. Fernando Garcia: My mom was born in Mexico and came here. After discovering the make and model, Mois ran the VIN number to get the color. And by 2013 Garcia was long gone from Omaha, living 500 miles away in Terre Haute, Indiana. He had made a purchase at a Wingstop restaurant in Omaha. In his car was a crow bar, a sledge hammer and a gun. Don Kleine: And it all points to Anthony Garcia Bob Motta Jr.: They're trying to put my client to death and I was gonna do whatever I had to do to get him a fair trial if at all possible. Fifteen years after he was fired from Creighton, the quadruple murder trial of Anthony Garcia finally began. every one of those people were just going about their days, their lives … Knocking, with his grudge -- Garcia's motive -- summed up by the prosecution in a single word: revenge. And in fact, the Mottas produced a letter of recommendation for Anthony Garcia written by Dr.For the two law enforcement officers investigating the cases, the attack on the Brumbacks was eerily similar to what they found five years earlier with the Hunter and Sherman murders. The Hunters and their four children lived in a handsome home in the upscale, close-knit neighborhood known as Dundee. Brad Waite: Anytime you went over there, the first thing she wanted to do was make sure she had coffee. Detective Derek Mois, 19 years with the Omaha Police Department, and his partner, Sgt.

And Doctor Bewtra didn't hold back on her feelings in several performance reviews she prepared for Bill Hunter. Chhanda Bewtra: I was trying very hard to convince Bill to get rid of him, yes. But, the Mottas insisted cops could not place Garcia in Omaha for the first set of murders.

Five years later and six miles away, tragedy struck again when Dr. neighbors in each other's business, common areas where kids play. Claire Hunter was attending a conference in Hawaii, and Dr. Jeff Sherman: Mother, caregiver, grandmother – nurturer. The doctor knew immediately it was too late for an ambulance.

Roger Brumback, and his wife, Mary, were found murdered in their home. Chhanda Bewtra: He was very well loved by the residents and the students. For her son Jeff Sherman and her younger brother, Brad Waite, Shirlee was the rock-solid, hard-working centerpiece of their extended family. Todd Cooper: He called 911, they told him to get out of the house and wait for first responders.

The carnage just inside the front door of the Brumback home was shocking even for longtime homicide detectives, but there was something else that hit them almost instantly about the crime scene – a sickening familiarity. …And when I saw those both on the male victim and on the female victim, you don't see a lot of knifings or stabbings that are like that. Warner: The mindset at that point was there's a connection here. …Mary Brumback could not have had an enemy in the world," said Omaha World-Herald reporter Todd Cooper.

…And we had knives that were left in that crime scene. Scott and I had a real definitive moment after we walked through that house where we're like – you know -- I've seen these things before. Mois: Specifically, with the wounds to the right side of the neck. Jim Axelrod: And then you find out the victim worked as a doctor at Creighton's medical school. We got something."Mois and Warner: Yes."Roger Brumback devoted portions of his medical career to childhood disease and then to Alzheimer's. Jim Axelrod: If you had been home 20 minutes earlier, what would have happened?

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