Government liquidating homes

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As a life tenant, you retain the right to continue living in your home until your death.

After your death, ownership in the property is transferred to your loved one, which prevents the state from making a claim against it.

Unfortunately, this leaves you without the financial security you previously enjoyed if you decide to return home.

It also absorbs money you might prefer that your loved ones inherit after you pass away.

The government's decision to back a new bill empowering tenants to force their landlords to fix hazards that pose a serious threat to their health and safety has been welcomed by the solicitor who helped to draft the legislation.

Peaker welcomed the government's support, but found it 'extraordinary' that, in the 21st century, tenants have no right to a safe home.Much of the time, councils fail to do so, and council tenants don’t even have this route.' In yesterday's announcement, Javid said the government has already empowered local authorities to crack down on minority landlords who rent out unsafe or substandard accommodation.Local authorities assess - under the housing health and safety rating system introduced by the Housing Act 2004 - whether a property contains potentially serious risks.While hiding assets from the government is a criminal offense, you can legally shelter certain assets and avoid using them to pay for the high cost of a nursing home stay.Give monetary gifts to your loved ones before you get sick.

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