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” In other words, he doesn’t know how to talk to girls. It spread through the deep, dark recesses of the internet; through archives, bulletin boards, and primitive forums. Essentially, what had happened, was thousands of men who weren’t getting laid started to get together and brainstorm ideas on how to pickup chicks.

This happened, because I was being completely congruent. I was completely at ease with myself and I was completely okay with the way that I felt. Does an Alpha Male watch how he acts, what he says, and what he feels? When you’re congruent, talking to girls comes naturally. You’re saying to the world: “This is who I am, take it or leave it.” You’re not saying something to seem cool, you’re not avoiding a topic because you’re afraid that you might offend other people, and you’re certainly not seeking their validation. When you learn to do this, conversation will happen naturally, and it will be incredibly smooth.

So as I stood by myself, looking around with a general expression of irritation and discontent, this cute cocktail-dress-wearing Asian girl walked up to me, and said: “Do you want to get married? Way back in the day there was a PUA coach who used to do what he called “broken man game.” Ryan, the PUA coach I’m referring to, had bi-polar disorder and consequently went through severe bouts of existential angst and depression. A typical “broken man game” conversation for him would go like this: Boom. This is how congruence and non-neediness are related.

” I told her “Fuck no, I’m never getting married.” She looked at me wide-eyed, and said: “Oh. That, my friends, is how Ryan used congruence to pull hot girls. A lot of guys who are complete white knights, might say “but I’m being myself! ” What I would say to them is that you’re not being yourself. In reality, you’re changing your opinions and emotions because you want a girl to like you. If you so desperately need a girls’ approval that you change every little thing about yourself to try to get it, One of the greatest books on non-neediness is called Models by Mark Manson.

Literally millions of men have trouble carrying on a conversation with a girl. They scoured their experiences and sought to understand female psychology…and in a way, they succeeded.

Thousands of men across the globe argued over how to talk to girls.

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