How to not be a pushover in dating

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Give your partner more freedom when it comes to coming up with date ideas.They will always ask you what you think about something.Although they might seem to be super-cool people, they are honestly getting tired of doing things your way all the time.They are just too scared of losing you to speak up and admit that they are not always happy and easy-breezy.Generally, pushovers behave the same in all of their relationships.They do not rock the boat because they are too scared to fall out of it.You get everything your own way with no resistance. Firstly, your pushover partner is not showing you their real selves.

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It is not just you that they are scared of loosing.

They are never too tired, bored, or not enjoying something that you enjoy.

You might start to wonder if they are actually human.

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I want to tell you that we are not lost causes, but we are slightly lost people.

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