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My fingers dug into her ass, kneading her butt-cheeks as my tongue probed and wiggled into her sphincter. My cock throbbed, aching at the memory of taking her anal-cherry a month back. “Oh, that’s it, eat our daughter’s ass,” gasped my wife. My dick ached and throbbed, wishing to swap places with my fingers. I pushed my tongue as deep in as I could while fucking my fingers faster and faster in and out of her cunt.

I leaned down, unable to resist any part of my daughter’s body. I was glad I could give her this pleasure even if she had no idea it was really me. “Oh, Daddy.” “Just enjoy, sweetheart,” I groaned between licks of her sour asshole. Her hips wiggled as I pumped my fingers in and out of her depths. I concentrated on tonguing my daughter’s ass and fingering her pussy.

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The next morning she bounced with energy, bubbling about the sexy dreams she had again. It was the first time Betty hadn’t accompanied me in. She should be here, but she had to settle for masturbating at her sister’s house while watching the fun on the laptop. She fell asleep with them spread wide, her pussy aimed at the door.

“Nope, the little slut must be desperate for Daddy’s attention.” My wife giggled. Now get in there and satisfy your little girl.” I reached my daughter’s bedroom. I had heard her whispering with her mother, talking about her burning desires for an older man.

I breathed in her musk as her hole spasmed about my fingers. My dick bobbed before me, thick and hard, aimed right at my daughter’s slumbering body.

Her pussy is sucking at my fingers.” “She wants something bigger in there.” I smiled at my wife’s words.

I know my daughter’s being molested and I’m getting of on it. Make our daughter cum before you ram that big, thick cock into her tight cunny.” I rubbed harder on my daughter’s clit.

I licked around my probing fingers, gathering her sweet juices.

I’m getting wet again.” I sucked hard on my daughter’s clit then I flicked my tongue over and over on the bud.

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