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You disable background tracking, without which you can either request a status update from a family family, or the family member can check in themselves once they reach somewhere (one button click).

UK users – this is very much a US-centric app and contains details of sex offenders that may give a false positive in your area, apparently matching by street address only.

One handy function not offered elsewhere though is some additional status information displayed for each device – notably the device type, charging status, and battery level.

I’ll be doing a full review of the Life 360 free app and all its advanced features next time, but in terms of basic family member tracking, this is an excellent (did I mention free? In addition, it can run on both Android and i Phone devices – that alone might be the deciding factor for you. One thing to consider is that the app needs location services to be permanently enabled which may drain the battery life significantly.

He's the lead developer of Make Use Of, and spends his free time playing VR paintball and boardgames.

Shoppers can purchase merchandise displaying symbols of white supremacy, such as a swastika necklace, a baby onesie with a burning cross, and a child’s backpack featuring a neo-Nazi meme, all in contradiction of the retail giant’s policy against selling products that promote hatred, according to a new report from two watchdog groups.

Trump supporters aren’t conservatives, they just want to see the liberal world order burn down.

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Stay tuned for a full review of the advanced features, or download it now to try it out yourself.

But if you enjoy what I’m doing here, please consider joining via Patreon. I’m not interested in making it more commercial or in giving up software development.

I would like to keep it going more or less as it’s been: a personal site with a regular posting schedule.

Trump argues that The Washington Post is, under Jeff Bezos’s ownership, a propaganda mouthpiece for Amazon.

It simply doesn’t register with Trump that Bezos would even consider allowing the Post to remain utterly editorially independent.

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