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And how many of us have actually tried or even slightly entertained the thought of sabotaging that new relationship? The focus was on making Ozzy weaker, and losing Elyse was only going to be a win-win for them.She’s not going to be all that missed for challenges and in the process they managed to reign Ozzy back and in a place of a more humble cooperation.He was quoted as saying, “Loyalty can be faked, strength can’t.” Which is so very true.And that’s the chance you take when you have to make that decision.By not being in the alliance, she had already secured her spot as an outsider and disposable.

So what lesson can we learn from Elyse Umemoto and her experience on ?The main thing I think we can get is that sometimes in life we are a victim by association.We have to be careful at times of the situations we put ourselves in and the people with whom we get involved.Half the journey to being successful in anything is having a strength or talent, the other half comes in with the people you know who help you get there. I wish her social game had been a bit better, but it was a pleasure to watch her. The other big thing that happened this episode, Ozzy intentionally having himself voted out and giving his idol to Cochrane “to hold onto until he gets back.” Hasn’t he seen how vile Christine is towards her former tribe and how likely a candidate she is to join forces with them?He wants to take a possible strong ally out of the game instead of sending Cochrane and securing her possible vote and re-entry into the game? Elyse Edition / Stacey Edition / Papa Bear Edition / Semhar Edition Wow, who would have expected Jim and Cochrane to have pulled off the Elyse blindside as well as they did.

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