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To someone with abandonment issues, getting serious means you can get seriously hurt.

They escape getting hurt by leaving the relationship and not giving it a real chance.

They could be jealous of the time you spend with family and friends to an extreme degree.

It can negatively affect your relationship when they are constantly accusing you of cheating, thinking of cheating, or being up to no good.

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After a while most people tire of the accusations and melodrama over things they are not even doing!

Many people with abandonment issues have commitment issues as well.

They are afraid to lose something significant and their fear of abandonment and rejection makes them run from relationships with potential.They gravitate more to relationships with no depth, that they know are going to end, and they are fine with it. That fear of abandonment will keep those people from finding a healthy, loving, long-term relationship.If you are involved in a relationship with someone who has abandonment issues, you may find they behave in a very needy manner.It started moving so fast and was going great when just as quickly it was over.This could have been because the person had abandonment issues.

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