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He mentions he didn't like the military because he was a pacifist, but then relates how he wanted to turn his rifle on his Sergeant, but that the grace of God kept him from doing so.

Also, while in the military and living in Germany, he mentions that he was one of only 4 in the barracks that wasn't doing drugs.

Even though ACCP has a phenomenal level of engagement with its members—as evidenced by your outpouring of applications to join committeesyet there is always more to be done professionally than can be accomplished. Recently, members voted for their choice of future leaders for their respective practice and research networks (PRNs).

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Although this book is an autobiography, it is really a testimony of how God has worked in the life of Larry Caffery.

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According to Brent, Larry had three boys during his first marriage which ended in divorce. For the rest of this post, I will not mention the name of his current wife or his daughter who have already been through so much.

Ever try to make yourself look good in front of others?

“Always remember that what was done to you has nothing to do with YOU.

He then proceeds to tell readers about two incidents where he took drugs!

He mentioned how he prayed to God that he would not have any daughters because he was afraid he would abuse them.

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