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This design would have been leading edge when it was produced.

The hallmarks are excellent, very clearly struck, so there can be no doubt about the age.

Lee and Wigfull worked between 18, Henry Wigfull was the driver of the business, he employed over 100 people in 1880, and won awards at the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1881.

A pair of Gorham sterling Medallion serving implements, the first a pastry fork and the second a pickle knife.

Gorham Corporation, which still exists today, was founded in 1831, they dominated the solid silver flatware market in the USA for 125 years (Gorham Silver, page 50).

The medallion pattern was even retailed by Tiffany.

The spoon has original engraved family crest on the back of the spoon (spoons were placed face down at this period), the crest featured a raised arm in armour holding a cross (slight wear to the cross).

The 3 hallmarks are clear, makers mark EB in oval punch (slight wear to B, looks more like EE), date letter gothic K for 1729, and crowned harp, with slight wear but clearly discernable.

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Both are pierced with the "tulip cut", the knife also has bright cut engraving.The spoon is lovely quality, a pleasing weight, and in remarkably good condition.The spoon has a deep frontal rib running halfway down the handle, with a strong turn-up, and the traditional rat-tail used before 1730.This spoon predates the Irish Hibernia mark which was introduced in 1731.Edward Barrett worked between 16, a number of his spoons have survived.

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