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I’d put money on them assuming/hoping you’ll leave over it.

That said, if you’ve only talked to someone relatively junior in HR, you could try escalating to someone more senior.

I am moving on from that company and will be finishing up in less than two weeks now.

For example, Starbucks gift cards are popular to give, but loads of people rarely step in a Starbucks — which means that gift card may go unused, if they don’t think to give it away to someone else.

When I asked how much I would be making hourly, my boss told me I had to wait until I get my first check. Today we received a message from someone who started off by asking us about the company and eventually clarified that they were interested in internship opportunities.

It wasn’t just a short “do you take interns” query — the questions were quite detailed (“What do you enjoy most about teapot painting at Earl Grey4U?

How would you recommend handling an inquiry like this aside from “I’m sorry, I really don’t have time to talk to you about this right now”? (To be clear, a simple “Are you accepting interns, and what’s the email to use to inquire about that?

” would have been fine, although not my personal preference.) No, that’s legitimately annoying.

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