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, Mark and Grace share candidly about the significant sexual brokenness that afflicted the early years of their own marriage and about how the Lord delivered them from it.

They also discuss in graphic detail the questions that couples frequently ask them about the marital bed.

The two-hundred plus pages of this book focus on personal testimony and practical teaching so that readers might walk in biblical holiness and avoid the pitfalls experienced by the Driscolls.

She also gives practical advice to women about how they can disagree, counsel, encourage, and submit in a respectful way with their husbands.

The Driscolls argue that the only way to experience marriage to its fullest is to embrace manhood and womanhood as the Bible defines it and to live out the roles that are prescribed in scripture. Second, has a gospel-focus and argues that the gospel gives us the only path toward wholeness in marriage.

Some Areas of Appreciation Even though I have some theological and pastoral disagreements with this book, I am grateful for some significant common ground. Mark’s challenge to men in chapter 3 is one of the strongest exhortations to biblical manhood that I have ever read.

Mark is particularly strong in admonishing men who prolong adolescence into their adult years: .

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Chapter 7 narrates Grace’s story as a sexual assault victim and offers some practical guidance to others who bear the scars of sexual abuse.

Chapter 10—which is probably the most controversial in the book—assesses the morality of a variety of sexual activities that spouses might engage in.

than it is a workbook for a kind of self-directed marriage retreat.

Chapter 8 addresses the pervasive problem of pornography and its devastating impact on both the individuals who produce it and those who consume it.

Chapter 9 instructs spouses on how not to be “selfish lovers” but “servant lovers” to their spouses.

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