Meeting the parents when dating

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More info: country Id=51344 My last post on what to expect from a Korean boyfriend got a lot more feedback than anticipated.

Thank you everyone for showing your support – especially those who emailed me about various dating issues.

I too am a novice with only two time experience of meeting with Korean parents – and I remember having sweaty hands and feet for both times.

I spent hours asking my fellow Korean unnies if my outfit was appropriate, what I should say, what questions I should expect and etc.

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If you haven't learned manners at home, get some fast, otherwise this may be the shortest dating experience that you ever had.#1 Tone down everything This means tone down your make-up, your enthusiasm, hair, gesture, and heels.Make sure your makeup is very minimal, try to speak calmer than usual, dye your hair black, brown or whatever your natural color is (low pony tail is recommended), don’t wave your hand around too much (I know I do this) when you talk, and don’t wear your 4 inch heels. Suddenly she says she'd like to bring you home to meet her parents.Your heart skips about ten beats and you're ready to run for the nearest slow boat to China.

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