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Kind of hard to post this because the short message warning I keep getting so i have to keep typing to get this posted.

Thank ya Big Fish for taking this POLLIve never paid but I did get scammed by someone on yahoo personals that i just sent an icebreaker to that was suppose to live very close to me and ended up living in Nigeria.

After some friendly banter for a few weeks, something happens, there hotel room is robbed, etc.

They then ask for $$$ to be sent to the via western union and they assure me that they will more than pay me back when they return to the US.

Don't know if all the responses where a scam or not but it does make me wonder though. The best ones are the ones that claim to be american that are working in the other countries, usually something where they had one or both parents die and the inherited a family business.

They claim to be from a nearby major city, i have run in to some that say they are from Detroit or Chicago.

Yeah, there are so many on those yahoo messengers, too. I will lead them on and on though so they waist there time thinking and thinking and thinking while the US drops a nuk on their ass....I was on a paid dating sites off and on about 2 years, and have received quite a few scam Love Letters.

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or more , send it to ur favorite animal rescue program and at least it will do some good, Thanx Wayne I ran into a few on paid sites.....say they are working over there from the states, but then they get injured or sick.........they are over there because a family member got sick over there and now they need money to get back to the states.

I think it is fun to play the game with them now, to see how long it takes before they ask for the $$ then tell them it is on the way.

I can't imagine people fall for this stuff all the time, why not save yourself some heart ache, if you want I can give you my pay pal account number and you can just send the money to me.

I bet it happens a lot on the highly advertised pay sites though! But when i 19 or 20 yr old woman is looking for a long term relationship with a 52 yr old man, i have to look for "DEE PLANE" and see if iam on an Island, check to see if the viewed my profile(never happined) and block there butts. Not only is it the most over priced site out there, it's free to girls.

The site i left was a pay site and I got hit most everyday. I learned it was the same person most of the time by the same typo's . Hence the reason you see so many Nigerians and Russians who "need money to get an operation for a sick aunt twice removed from her brothers side"It's insane... except for two escorts, but reported them pretty fast...

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