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But now, when they are called upon to stop chaos in a alternative universe, things just get weirder. Little do they know, more is at stake than their precious store. Peace had returned to Smashville yet little did anyone know, multiple groups of villains are working with one another in secret.Wario, Waluigi, Falco, Crazy Hand, Duck Hunt Dog, Snake, Weegee, Malleo, Snorlax, Dr. Tingle is a murderous cannibal, Link is an idiotic jerk, and Navi has no idea what the f*ck is going on. A parody of almost every trollfic trope imaginable. Discover what is going on by starting on Chapter 1? When things began to heat up, it is up to Dark Pit to trudge on through copious amounts of bullshit to save the world yet again.[Inspired by headcanons and a conversation with a friend.] The upcoming ball for both current and former Smashers is tomorrow. Can the four get his friend to confess before it's too late?There will be no tales here that the warriors look completely fondly at, though there are a few good laughs.Shulk spends a little too much time on Urban Dictionary, and he gets the idea that maybe he could take over all the memes in the world and become Supreme Meme Overlord.I'm just a dude currently attending prestigious Yale Oxford Cambridge University (this will forever be hilarious to me, but I'm not going to reveal where I actually go in case a horde of people come to me with torches and pitchforks because reasons). I also happen to be a firm believer in S-Support as well. Okay, I am going to be honest when I state this: I mainly write parodies stories for the hell of it no matter how stupid it turns out.Since I feel that there's tons of serious stories, why not unwind and write parodies when I have free time.Comic Rocket is a growing index of 37,486 online comics.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown.

I truly feel that the lack of this is quite depressing since these people do exist and deserve the right to have a character they can relate to, even if the character isn't A or B in canon as it allows for much more realism in AU.I don't however, condemn this being forced upon other people as I believe doing stuff like this should also be optional.It does sound like what edgy people dub as sounding "tumblr" however I am a realist when it comes to these things (more so for AU than anything else), even if it is fantasy themed because to be quite honest, most characters are designed to cater and represent the majority anyways.Pit becomes a food critic by whim for the newspaper and ends up annoying the restaurant owners of Smashfield after he makes negative remarks just to be mean, advice he took from a fellow critic. Shrek likes Shadow, the most popular guy in the entire High School. Please leave constructive criticism, all reviews are welcome! Link will do anything for her, including work at the expense of his grades. Shadow's dad has a temper and can't stand Shadow's veganism.A parody of The Simpsons episode with the exact same title. Come along with your favorite characters as they escape from prison, climb a giant beanstalk, take care of a baby princess, and go on a prehistoric quest for pizza. Nobody knows what's up with the mysterious Vaati, Midna's trying to avoid being married off, and Nabooru is just faced with your standard every day racism. Captain Falcon is your major otaku, catching up to his favorite animes.

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