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Your webcam will remain on for as long as you grant it access and leave your browser on the team home page.This way it can update and send a small photo snapshot intermittently of you to your teammates. As a reference, if you previously used Sqwiggle, in our tests, Pukka Team uses fewer resources, which means cooler CPUs, less energy spent and we have more battery life on our Mac Books :)We do!It has a very low impact on your computer’s CPU and memory as it’s running in your web browser.It requires very little processing, and where possible, we do as much ‘processing’ on our side.

Pukka Team staff do not have access to view other teams snapshots.

All you need to run Pukka Team is a computer, a modern browser (and in some cases the latest version of Adobe Flash), a webcam, and a smile for the photo updates 😀 Oh, and don’t forget an internet connection!

But we know you knew that already 😉 Don’t forget to grant access to your webcam so we can show your best smile to your teammates!

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