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The workshops last for about ten hours in total and use the CCM method of discussion.

The workshops are informed by the ongoing work of the CCM Association moderators for the past fifteen years.

es lonely pain that we thought analysts were experiencing as they were exposed to their patient’s behaviour or stories in session.

Pain in the analytic session, it seems, known or hidden, is experienced in many and varied ways – sometimes apparently paralysing the analytic process and sometimes becoming transformed to be used as an opportunity for progress.

Some informal large-group presentations, describing the Association’s work over the last year, will also take place - this year focusing on the theme of pain in the analytic session and how its recognition can become an opportunity., originally developed as part of the European Psychoanalytic Federation's Ten Year Scientific Initiative involves structuring discussion in steps - ordinary clinical discussion focused on the presenter's work in the sessions, close focus on the function of each of the presenter's interventions (Step 1) and construction of the presenter's working model of psychoanalysis (Step 2).

These formulations are then further discussed in the moderators' group some months later and the overall thoughts eventually fed back to the workshop group and the emerged from the workshops we held in Vienna and Buenos Aires in 2017 and then the discussions we had afterwards.

Associate fellow receive a 50 Euro reduction in their fee.We found ourselves thinking about how our patient’s most difficult early experiences (and the ways they are held back by how they survived in response to them) get into the sessions.Is there common ground about how they can become transformed or not in psychoanalysis, or if not, what are the lines of divergence?Presenters are often surprised at any doubts mentioned in the workshops.Special measures they had taken had often not been mentioned to the moderator ahead of the workshop.

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    To Top Saturday, September 23, 2017, 8pm Cambridge, MA General admission: for students Reservations required: email House [email protected] reservations and directions.

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