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Be sure to state, when prompted, that the form is for both viewing and entering data.I should emphasize that with all data, be sure that it is set up correctly in the spreadsheet before you paste it in.You either have your data in a spreadsheet already, or you can get it into a spreadsheet pretty easily. This way is an advantage only if you have the data out there somewhere already: in another database, in some CSV file, in an Excel or Calc spreadsheet, or even in a big HTML table. Another approach, if you’re going to need to do a lot of updating, is to create a data entry form.

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A multitude of factors – document complexity, font availability, number of graphics – may affect the conversion, but most business-oriented PDF documents – reports, letters, and memoranda – should open with full fidelity in Word for editing, making this one of the most useful enhancements in Word 2013.

The spreadsheet doesn’t have the power to do mail merges and the other database-related features I mentioned earlier, but the database file pointing to it can. But this article is about telling you how to get the most bang for your effort buck. You can export the data from your database to a spreadsheet or CSV, or copy it from an HTML table if it’s not there already. If you don’t have a unique primary key field such as an ID, don’t worry; you can create one on the fly as you add the data. In the spreadsheet, copy all the data including the headings. Go to the database file and click the Tables icon at the left side. To add data, paste the new data again the same way you did before—select the data and choose Paste.

It acts as a middle man saying “The data’s over there, with these fields—go get it”. You don’t need to edit the database but the first time, at least, it’s good to take a look at what the main database window looks like. So, I’m skipping that and going straight to the easy, invisible way. In the window that appears, just choose to Append, and make the same choices you did last time. Alternately, double-click the table name and change or add the data just by typing.

For other databases, you have three choices: editing the tables directly, using the form wizard to create a form or using the design view to create a form.

Whichever way you create a form, you can then use it as a more user-friendly way to edit your database.

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