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The latest versions of Reveton, for example, serve the scam pages from an encrypted (https://) connection, and only cough up the pages when an infected machine visits and sends a special request.Some readers may have a hard time understanding how such schemes could be successful.To those folks, I say consider the lucrative operations of the once-mighty scareware industry, which similarly hijacks infected machines with warnings about malware until the victim relents and pays for some worthless and fake cleaner program.Kafeine shared a couple of screen shots of two similar and recent ransomware scams (not Reveton-related) targeting European users that shows just how successful these scams can be.

Sue Adams in recognition of her retirement, the Sue B.At least that’s the behavior that’s been observed by a ragtag group of researchers that has been tracking Reveton activity for many months.Some of the researchers are associated with, but they’ve asked to remain nameless because of the sensitivity of their work.Adams Leadership Award was established to be given at our yearly conference to an outstanding AAPASS member. Adams was a pioneer in the area of Prevention and Support with the Alabama State Department of Education.Her expertise, concern, and knowledge of student safety, attendance and discipline, dropout prevention, and discovering ways to help all students and especially those considered “at-risk” will be remembered for years by those who have been fortunate enough to work with her and know her.

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