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Question: This is a poll for both men who want to be castrated by a woman and women who want to castrate a man or have a specific man castrated.

My hope is that this poll will result in at least one castration where more details will be offered in the comments section.

Ballsover40What it implys is there is some troll, who makes a regular circut of verious sites, hoping to find women to play with his nuts.

And it really is men who stage all of this in the hope of a thrill? We would end our marrage or he would give up his balls. Denton that there should be a law that, if it is proven that a man cheated on his wife, she should be allowed to have his balls removed, whether or not she wants to stay married to him.

I want it done just like if I went to the clinic to get circumcised or to get a vasectomy. I am thinking of going to Thailand to be done of if anyone knows of anyone doing it in the UK please let me know.. I really want my balls and dick removed by a beautiful woman, and she hand my balls to me in a jar as she laughs at me. [email protected] would even pay you anomenisly, and you would never be in trouble. please steep up for me woman and turn me into the woman I always wanted to be. you can even kick them as had as you can be fore you cut them off.

Please Jennifer contact me we should talk my email is ;;; [email protected] Abbey Anderson Sp Hnq P Wow that was strange. DUGIBd MSGuz Ux Df MEUI wish my balls could be cut off. [email protected] boyfriend is not so willing one day in 2016 on Monday 7 September I castrated my boyfriend for sex I don't want to have kids or have aggressive behavior or life with a man my option was castrating him getting him down was the hard part putting sleep and pain pills together is what maid it easy...

I'd like to suggest that this forume could be used for organizing an event that brings together the resources & people to bring out public Access to elective & free sevices to satisfy control of sexual urges & behavior of males & females in families for better or worse. I search a woman for my castration, i am willing to travel and can castrate myself for you ;) I want to stay at your place and have sex with you and please you as good as i can after I am castrated.

I personally promise to put myself o but their for being first to get fixed & face female gender influence on my mind & body. Oh and currently i am still a virgin :) Kik Sebastian Elv Email [email protected] ever one I'm new to this idea of male balls get cut off for some time I get horny and can't seem to get it off my mind my boyfriend is 16 and me 20 just trun by the way this castration I'm wunt to do on my boyfriend is banding its kinda hot and its my favorit one id like to see them die some to a color red then slice em off with my gelding blade it was .00 it has been used for young boys that was forced into giving up their nuts my blade is new never been used yet I planed on after having one kid castrating my boyfriend so for iv not said anything to him yet on getting it done I know for sure this is some thing I'm ok with I here form women all over there sex live's in bed is great after men get em cut fix castrated I do also here if the penis stops working give feed him female Viagra and with female lobido enhancer will get them rock hard for hours on in a friend tells me her boyfriend needs them after his balls came out she said his emoshin's get to be some what different their more in love and closer after the balls they got removed I don't ask about their sex life much because geran get upset of us talking about it she made him get his cut cut off she did not wunt kids just a f*ck buddy he was trick't she said thay where going to a friends house and had some lady that duse this for a living he clams the got him drunk and they did have drugs he had done it because other was doing it later he was back in a room had been their for day and a hafe and the lady had him naked with a pink band killing off his sack and balls his clame is she said its o most over and she reach down and was able with a razor blade slice of his unwunted body parts after two days the lady reles him from his ropes and cuffs after that day him and tamea don't talk about it that all I know about them but she on ladys day out talks if I ask how ther able to do it in bed and stuff like is their sexuel plesuer in it him and if he's getting a orgasm she says he slim some clear stuff but no white cream in the fluid of his orgasm not much of a mess she said this is why I am so eger to castrate my boyfriend and why I get horny about it I can life with that him not needing sex but I do like sex and for him to still perform sex in bed right my friend say here male love duse fine right so I don't think it will stop my male boyfriend form ether I'm ready but I no he wont be willing to for me it more then fantasy I wunt it for real my girl friend says if I wunt it just go with it she help me if I wunt her to she knows how to and to ware it cant hert him ether she clams its like getting pitch on the arm or hiting a funny bone her boyfriend said and hering a ceruch sound two moths no sex after that he can perform on me in bed after two mouths not befor because of castration and safety of the wound so any way that that yes I'm ok with men not having them and respect them more for their loss lack of having balls thanks for girl like castrationlast night my boyfriend and had talk about this subject as I am more controlling and more dominate of are sex life I'm all ways up for new things to dry it dues get me horny and I also cream my panties its a bad habit I guess when we had talk I ask if he get castrated for me an I had told him he will cross over to female as removal of his testicles both must go to prove he truly loves me at I pick the best tool from the farmers supply story I buy me a pink elastrator tool with pink o ring bands it was 0.00 and bands came with it iv been in to eunuch porn and fined it pleasing enjoyable never have I had sex with one but want too so my boyfriend will have to give his up to me ill keep them in a jar and decorate it after this after noon be for to late I'm going to band his balls for good and slices off his sack and his balls for real tonight iv never done some one be for after he has no balls now sorry for miss posting I for got to hit add comment he is a she no balls my video is on you tube look up wife castrating boyfriend we are now as off tonight married by surgical castration my testicles are in a jar with formaldehyde to keep my nut fresh and white I had fun sorry if I'm talking to much in the video I go in to the castration info to much but it for teen girls that wish this on their sex partners they can copy my castration meth if she so wish's hope iv been helpful and give girls what their looking for in a castration video pleas watch it if you like getting off on castration the orgasms yell love it and getting it off of it I'm going to exsplort her c*ck and dress em up in red and blue or other colors I want to start drying having sex with my freshly made eunuch in 8 weeks she may be safe to have sex after males lose their testicles they become ladies girls no more will she be a male or be a man I don't be leaven castrated guys are males or men any more no balls no problems he as not agreed to me or even getting castrated I just want with my hart it what I want for em her and me her penis will be a reminder of her being a boy I love the bloody scar down the middle of the c*ck on her I did a good banding job it will be a stump or a nub like a nipple when his sack grows over the pink bands two I put on to make sure she don't bleed out real bad ill update in 8 weeks but first have sex be for righting back too you allzoe hallmy wife was very hot and has been dating for 7 years and she found me at the festval in new York we date for 9 months she is vary good looking her self as for me I'm ok looing not as good as her but one October 4 2017 the last day my girlfriend said she wont stay with me if I don't get castrated for her we never did have sex because of this issue so on that night I say to her if she can get them out she can have them I agreed to getting it done but she has to be the one how dues it to me I was scared to let her she said lets have sex be for I become a gelding my girlfriend and I left for bed and she had a clamp tool it flat and thin sharp blades on bottom and on top and she put my penis in side her she slip't in between my scrotum and testicles she slowly was ride ing me and clip't off my body parts it hart real bad I thot I was going to die we layed on the bed she had my penis in her hand and masturbated me real good as I came to orgasm nothing cummed up just some blood and pee mix she tied off my sperm tubes and sow me back up and the we just laded their naked she put a blanket over me to keep me warm and put her yellow pad on her underware and slip it on me with a clear jell cream to help me feel better I was upset she just did me after we had talk I was not ready yet I need to think it over but she did't give me time after weeks pass by we both got in the shower and she give me the best blowjob I ever was given by her she said see it not over for you and I we are starting a new life I was still some comfews on us between us she made it easy after my castration she dues teas me a lot she like it I guess my next hand job was my last she said she tested me to see if I'm able for bed and to se if I cumming blood nothing but clear sticky stuff no sperm she was happy and humped me over and over that day even now we get lot of sex if I need a brank she says just lightly smack her butt and she will slow down or stop we work it out some times I need her to stop and most of the time she can reach he last orgasm I am happy now that I'm castrated because i get to keep my girlfriend and have sex all the time she's nice and fare to me just the teasing part gets to me but it only because she's a girl and just get kicks out of it I'm ok as long as i get sex and get to do the boy and girl friend thinks i gave up my sex rights too her and summited to her a week ago see was happy to heir that and said put her panties if I'm summiting she cross dressed me and played in the bedroom we don't talk to people about it we just keep it between me and her i quit my job and stay home I'm like 24 right now and don't know whet to do now that I'm castrated it wired because it smooth and much nicer to shave my girlfriend she is right about that for sex we jerk me off and get started we are seeking a women docter that works with eunuchs that gives castrated sex partners female hormones i do need them to help me get erctions and get horny like my wife she injects stuff in my penis underneath my skin of the penis after 2 4 mints I'm on on ready to f*ck i like female hormones i just take them for her realy she wants me to become a female she said after losing my sack and balls I'm not giving up my penis the docter got her thinking about post op and face surgery to look like a girl i don't want too she said when we are in are 40 s she will make me cut it off but for now sex is more in pertinent right now i wish my new docter she just stop pushing my girlfriend in to getting me a sex change female hormones are costey by because she works with gelded boys and men she can give me them for for about a year supply of female hormones i agreed to injections by willingly letting them put in me and it makes my girlfriend happier we a very conneted now that I'm cut fixs like a castratie boy in eingland young boys that's the tool shed used on me it still done to boys i read on other post I'm not sure thowzack willson qwantindue my wife cut my testy off carly took my nuts bot and she in right in face ing me standing takes my balls puts them in her pussy and giggles laffing at me calling me girl i don't see or get how you can summit to a women...i still feel like a male but she say's I'm a girl too whets up with women these days just chopping are balls why cant we just keep them in iv got none but use to have them i cant get them back she has them it bothers me real bad sex or no sex their no way i what to after being forced to give may ball up she had a small pocket nif and just sliced it quick and fast going back and forth in till she had them in her hands rethink about what you are saying to people theirs realy other women how will do this I'm not happy I'm castrated i want to have balls and sack agean more then a girlfriend sorry if I'm killing other post it just me life is not right with out balls its harder for me to get horny it harder for me to except female hormones i just wont take them its been given to me by mis.stacy my castration docter she try's to get me on the injections but i hate needles she has the pill three times a day taken but I'm not sure if its ok my doc she supportive on it but as she walks out the door i can hear her talk to my wife they both just giggle up storms and smile looking at me naked she plays with it and checks to see if their realy gone every time i visit her my wife always gos shes on top of me and makes me take the pill for her to have sex with me she much more stronger then me by some point i just get tiered of her getting on to me and just open my mouth and swallow the pill when we want to the docter stacy my wife kickt my lags apart and stacy stick't me with the injection of female hormones after that time i finely got the massage form the female hormones i got horny fast i keep't having uncontrollable orgasms all day i cant even sleep it lasted for two days be for it stop't i did like it and stared taking female hormone injections on a weekly baise i just wont my wife happy and that very much it but i to want too to sorry for my spilling i was castrated at 12 years old my wife was 23 years when i was given off to her as a stud for castrating and making a house boy someone that helps out around the house or go to the store to get buy stuff for her i hate going to the womens and girls store for pickups it sucks some how i know they about me they just smile big and say your her boy one of my wifes friend work their and word got out to the ladies so i just wunt to ask ladies why or what is it about castrating males people for why pleas wright back i will like to know but don't want to ask my wife thankyou if you can want help understanding female worldclayten hageansok boys young boys being castrated this is comenly done to kill sex drive and manages it and a point and level that a boy will not try in sexule harassment and bully the females around we are equal if castrated boys are fix't sorry if you art on board with the female movement yes we castrated boys a 10 to help them in female best intrust it stops them from nocking up girls and alouse us to have power over the castrate person he will be treated as such as a girl state level he will be called by a female name or let his name be he will be called a she girl female because girls are born with no balls boys are so if a boy is castrated rather a men or a boy he is a she girl if you have testicles his your sack your a male intel castrated by someone i see castrated males girls sorry if you don't understand baby girl repeat after me if i have no balls I'm a girl female that's that got it good now about the giggles and funny smiles girls in secreat like eunuchs find it cool funny and its fun amusing and apilling to us we my like it or not its depending on the girl you speek to or ask out or just like it seems yu have a wife just keep her she nows best as yu say 12 years hua that's a little late but not for breeding boys here are keept for some test and samples of sperm befor castrated I'm a cutter and good at it to if it as me you wont know it in tell after its all over with and done clayten let her roll over you give up and summit to her now right now don't whet go for it your lucky if you get sex most women cut off what they always want out of some guy and chop off you balls and leva you for ever if she wanting you on female hormones you be a good gelding you are a let your docter stacy inject you pump you up real good it sound like your lerning about sex drive as gelding eunuch by the way we don't do boys that way as much it painful to the did she numm you at lest hope she did dam that's got to heart bad bad sorry for you pain if ill do it that way ill put some pain killer in side you real good with numming meds baylie vanilla conehaa haa this is to dam cute little boy you be a good girl and put your big girl panties on and pads on them and take it like a eunuch you are and yes be a big lady and let your doc put them horeones in you be willing and live your new life as you are female just sayin you just made my day gal will go do it see ya i wish i was their to see them dam ugly balls get castrated i to like this stuff castration porn no I'm not a cutter but will like to become one some day it the blood i don't like bleeding mayea rusesleok gals up their yes I support male castration but forcing hormones on to the male subject may be abuse to the male and his body why give them more sex drive when your trying to kill the nuts or even if you have them removed from the male body all I ask is just remove the testicles both of them that's good for me the nut sack that's not even the problem but I guess if the women remove it to I don't see any harm in it I have one eunuch friend from school he never was treated fair because of it him being castrated did not bother me any I liked it that way for some reson it just my kink I guess he has his nut sack it just empty I do like pulling on it it is fun we made love two time but that's it because I don't want the other girl at my school to find out but he was are right his penis dues work gets hard all the work in a stud so in my point here is it dues not matter if hes fix castrated no no nuts so if hormones he excepts it and wants them I'm fine but force no no no no pleas don't do that it mean to do that getting stick't every day with needles that must suck aww oach.jordin I did my man on 17 of October 2017 he and I made it clear if he love me ill have his testicles the his ball caned in a pink jar I bay at Walmart in the craft area their blue too after a year I had got them re jar in a new clear jar as I like looking at them he gave me a good fight over the tool I was to use on him their hores emskulators I did all of it balls and sack at one's sqweez it's was all over sex like all these other girls I'm agreeing with them sex did get way batter and he willing now after I force castrated him yes he did not wunt it and ran from me two times I got my gun and put him to bed I had him tie him self up and I druged him up with locgle sleep meds I then started castrating em it was fun and the surgey was not that bad he just layed their as I make him my wife I do cross dress him her now because it get me off quickly as we have sex diana westfort main new york I am getting my boyfriend testicles on are wedding night after sex because he wont need them any more as I have no use for a stud he love me a lot but he understands that I'm with a women I'm by like men are fun but women are much more fun if he castrated ill be fine as I can rub his empty nut sack if it don't work out ill cut his sack off and try again see if that's my kink its been a dream to have a eunuch around the house my girlfriend she and I will castrated him we three will be married after the nuts are gone I just cant hold on any more his sex life may come to and end but he wont wunt pussy after the removal of his balls I do and will and willingly let him try after his balls both have been gone at less 3 moths of being a gelding we are going to do him tonight so far his he don't know he getting cut tonight we both feel for em not knowing when as he may try stoping the castration we wunt him to be at his best hard horny happy so he knows it for are own good he castrated I hope out of it all he move on as a eunuch and stays around after surgery I agree with the lady's up on top here I like their castrating the boys at 10 its sounds cool I wunt to see them naked when their 18 years old and like to know how the female hormones work for my gelding he she will fined having nothing is better ill have sex with em to make it up for ever as so long the cut c*ck keeps it strength and hard erctions may be possible after castrated ill do what these ladys are doing give him female hormones and jerk it off real good to get em hard for sex I'm so looking forward to having a gelding iv got 4 hours left for the castration kit to get at the house ill right back some the in two weeks so that all the ladys here knows what going on with em him she may be I can try getting him her to cross dress for sex like the ladys on top do I'm so happy I found this web site to share with you all thank you for reading ill update about the castration soontwo in love one eunuch neededstreat gal her iv got my eunuch at a party he want as a stud but left a eunuch I was 18 he 16 we loved each other he was not so smart he and I want to bed I said how about we make a deal I get your balls and ill let you have sex he agreed but miss understand me after he and I had sex I had my gelding blade ready for use that day just incase I may need it to castrated men with I'm a cutter iv stared castrated cutting off boys balls form 14 years old I to live at gelding farms it a town it the nickname its been given so if you google it wont be found sorry its a privet community like nudeis or colt groups we are not a colt but close in away we cut off boys balls at 10 because if we had done it them at both thay wont grow up right like no body mussles or be able to get their penis hard and will not have any feeling sexual link like ways he will be horny less less for life female hormone can help but he if at berth will have to take mas dose of female hormaones to cum or get horny at all if possible.i know life about eunuch males update his castration is over its been at lest a moth now his scrotum and penis is all that left the stich's came out a week a go and the nut sack has a scar their his sex drive is some whet gone but not all gone his cum has no sprem or white in it just clear cum in tast it has a sweet taste his penis it fine he still can get hard and his mood has change he now knows his her place under the household and whet I have plans for her as a gelding yes I do wunt and have sex with him he's just a little slow when getting it up so far its about like two mints befor having sex because of being castrated he is a lot of fun now that she is a girl and not a male any more iv down sized his sex as male so he will now be a women to me this so for in are sex life we have made it work as theirs no balls hanging around in her empty nut sack I left that part to deckerate it with earing's to feminate her scrotum sack it's going to be fun going to the girly store with a gelding around to dress up with and play in girl clothing I see it as a good thing to change his her stile and look's makeup and panting toe and finger nails its nice having a eunuch to f*ck with and dress and have sex and go out to movies with that understands how you feel and knows life is a girl world I have friend but its much more fun having a gelding their with me her adduted on the castrating was bad but she is lerning that my needs are far important then her penis and that my personnel needs like cleaning my pussy out or getting me off and eating me out or my plusher is what make me happy her with no balls dose it for me iv always wunted to castrate a male and trans form one as a women I can finely live it now as thiers no sperm in her she can be the women I wunted castrating my sex partner was fun but the best thing iv coulde have done for the both of us she and I are now more closer to one another I am born female I cant tell you what its like being castrated but I can tell you its new to me as she is a gelding sex it different but now change in the feeling of sex to me but I can say this I can go balls deep now it so cool the sack empty it like masterbating with a dildo with no balls on it and rubbing her sack empty is like playing with one of those balloon with no air in it is cool the feel of it and power I have over her penis sex drive I now how to control it when I'm horny all I have to do is rub her penis and flick it smack it and slide her penis in me when have sex getting horny for her side of it it hard but I'm just two days a go gave her penis female hormones to see if that crazy sex feeling get stronger for her penis I don't wont to take that away from her I do wunt my sex partner as happy as me we last night fine that the female hormones work grate to help with the penis its a boster for her sexual drive that it for now but ill update in two moths thanks for readying my pic heretwo in love with a eunuchsorry I'm not a man hater or feminist but I do like get off on seeing or watching males lose their balls its hot iv have not castrated a male person but will like too to see what its like and to feel the power all you other lady's are saying its the idea and thots that gets me wild up you girls up their are awesome for being able to take a mans balls out and jar them iv seen one video of a wife doing her sex partner it was pretty and beautiful the testicles came out white in color with red blue like just another girl hope my post get throw.sorry just another girlmy name is ceindy this is how its spelled out I had a son at 2000 and in 2008 I had him castrated iv always wunted a girl by castrating him changed em some but he was still male like I banded off his balls at 8 years old he was sad he had to be banded by elastrator those o rings do good on boys my son nuts dry up and fell off on Monday 16 of September 2008 this help me see him as a she her but I new the penis had to go so on his 12th year 2014 I cut it off and sliced down to the inner deep admen past her baise to max no more was I up set of having a male she has nothing now I made a pussy for her to make it done sex change is easy if you can put it to your mined my girl now has to live as one I had always buyed girls close dress's panties and girls skirts and socks in colors plus girls jeans and girl t-shirts in colors for her in 2004 to start cross dressing the earlier you start cress dressing make it normal to them even if they have a penis my girl her penis got used to girls clothing the fist year we work on putting it aside then I new the balls needed to be removed and did so the pink o ring bands are hard to fine but you can buy them online its about week and they show up thousands of them per bag my girls balls I band once nice hard around the nut sack the balls was easy to put throw I had showered with my girl to make her nuts and sack sag throw the bands its cool to castrate because it makes a male stop thinking like one and she becomes more thoughtful of you and others it stops male adtiudes from getting out of hand castration not bad to do some body go for it I did my own kid and I now you kand tomoms in controllway to go moms in control I castrated my so to because he peeing on my toilet seat this stop that nasty habit for good the lose of his balls ended all his male acting he has learned never pee on a girls toilet I gave his balls to the girl next door her mom did not care if she has them my son don't need them any way their in are way all the time I'm happier to have a gelding like a hores empty sack is a good sack boys if castrated I have respect for them because the sperm free and live as women your son will love you for the sex change but I'm never cutting my sons penis off she can live as a women girl female world as a gelding the penis is the best part to me and we need that to be their when needed sorry the penis on males is my best friend ever.natly clatonhow can I best put this sorry for all males but castration is not a punishment it's to stop you from having sex at times their a point and time that women want sex and not by castrating you we can have it both ways I can have all the orgasms I want and feel free to pee all over you plus you wont have sperm if you castrated if you are able to get an orgasm then you have benefited from the surgery of your ball being cut off its a big huge tern on for me to see males boys men both get castrated but I also like the c*ck penis cut all the way back to the base of the penis no skin on the c*ck its best to cut it too off because I can better shave your cut c*ck from side to side with no scalping your nut sack iv had sex before and still do every now and then with my guy next door to me he has no balls nuts in his nut sack empty we stared sex in 2011 after years being neighbors he I new was single and I asked why he said his old girlfriend castrated him in junior high he was tricked in a room and its been side by her that she drug him and he was did not know after hours he finely wok up and found her blanket over him with a empty nut sack the balls she want home with after he got castrated thy both broke up she had no in trust in him so she got what she wanted out of him for me I love the sex I get he makes me feel that a stud man can't make me feel he will have to be a castrated male for me to let him in my lags kids so far I'm not needing or wanting them yet but for now I'm having the best sex life I can every have I'm happy she castrated him because I will not have know that castrated boys can mate girl nows about castrated boy sexmost people get stuff out of the idea of castration when I was 14 iv seen males naked and my first time he was my best friend we grown up together and new each other very will I seen his nuts and sack penis one day at a water park in cevaland we both had lots of fun one day in 2015 I had my first time having sex and that's when it hit me I did't did not like the balls at all I tried to let lose a little and try not to let it get to me the next time I had sex it was bothering me and I asked him if he will get castrated for me so I can have sex with out balls smacking my body when have sex he thinks I'm just mess in around but I was for real I said ill do it and know one has to know hes castrated he just laff and said hell no those are my balls girl now way ill get them cut off we just became a little more off topic the next day I got a gelding blade a real on its used on children humans in Iran to stop them from having kids and to make them follow the reseeam for war its stupid but it dose work its a clamp like tool with teeth on top and on bottom it a small verson of a emusclater tool for a hores you put the nut to nut and crush the sperm cord it cuts free the balls on inpack of the crush cord this was how I did my boyfriend we just had to do it me of cores I got him in the tree house and said I want sex he agree that we have sex I grab his penis push it in me and lid in deep as I grab is ball bag I sliced it open with a green nife and reach in and fished a nut out he tried to push me off quick but I used my body to keep him down as I de nut him one I thin did the other one and let off he was about out of it and sleep up their I ran to the store got supplies and want back to the tree house to clean up the sack and sow it back together with fish string later the week he was missing and we both left to a new town after castrating him he did not want to see eny one we new so we both moved to new jersey and live life their I o most left him after castrating him but I feel that he served his perpuse by me cutting off his balls iv made up my mined and said he will serve me pleas me make my life happy sex is ok but are life together is a rollcoster he horny then not he sad and then get off on me because I castrated him but later come back saying sorry he is upset some days and try's not too be but his lose of balls just mess him up some but its not like he cant have sex having sex is what helps keep him going in life he said too me that he thinks ill not let him in after a few years we had the the talk that every girl in some point in her life will say to a guy its time to get castrated talk yes that talk I me made clear ill never leave him and il love his support him after castration he cum's some but very little liquid come up its cool that I cut those nuts off I did put them in a jar my shark jar because I don't now what the stuff to keep them nice and new looking after castration I don't want them to rot so sex has be very very fun I try not to cum but now he cant have kids I just lest my self go on him he loves to lick me clean and eat my cum and loves to kiss me and makes me happy as much as he possible can sex for us is not at all a challenge he dose very will in bed and works good I get pintrashion just fine and feel my girly parts go crazy so as for him he just fine he lost some sex drive its harder for crazy sex feeling it takes more work for him to get their i do let him get their and cum too as much as he can and after orgasm he quickly dies down and all his sexy dreams are over for the week because of no cum or sperm in him that whey I'm here to ask other women duse the female hormones you ladies here speck of how duse it work i don't want to hart my sex partner any more then i have and will like to incres his sex drive some so he too can enjoy it a little more just as i feel all he duse feel but very little I'm happy hes not male any more but i don't want him crying about not getting their an orgasm at times pleas help me understand female hormones how duse it work on castrated men boys humens only pleas i wont give him any intel i now more about how it works and helps the male sex drive get stronger tanks hope to here from so many of you and your response.tanea jacklinthis web page is hot on my way going out of state my boyfriend and I have had talk about castration we just came a cross it on a vet office for dogs I asked if he will give me his so I can carry them since he's been all his life I just like to have my very own testicles he said no so many times after weeks moth gone by I let it go but still wanting them looking up web page this is some thing i my self will work on making it happen next week this year 2018 my emasculators will be in I'm horny and hot both and aroused it a mess but I'm planning just castrating him soon iv got then nock out gun to put him down easy and kindly so he can't fight me over it i got the panties and pads as the other women her have done to thier sex partner's i want to be nice about it castrating I'm hopeing it's going to be painless when castrating him ill share my comments after iv castrated him is their any other way to get horny after being castrated for males I'm not soo in t giving my boyfriend female hormones just to get off after being castrated my hopes is he will be ok and not need all of that stuff to enjoy sex with no cassymy wedding day I had my mans testicles removed to stop him from having sex I did a good job on em just a penis now I love it we get showers and play with the penis no sperm in are house no men aloude in they must be fully castrated the sack can stay but must be empty my mans sack is gone I sliced it of with my clamp clippers its used on hores don't noe its name yes sex is good he lives as trans I got him dressing in girls close and dress and skirts he duse it just to get sex iv got the pussy and power of are life so every thing is what I wunt I like using my eunuch a lot she keeps my pussy happy as she is just a penis trans girl now I'm looking for a new set of testicles ill be happy to take your boy hood if I do you males on rule you will live as women from now on and I get to keep your balls or eat cutter Hey there Dasy Cutter.

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