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It embeds the data in ‘cells’ which all travel along a fixed path to their destination.

This differs from TCP/IP ‘packets’ which can travel over many different routed to their destination.

Fibre to the Cabinet: An Internet connection that provides a fibre optic cable from either a telephone exchange (Or Comms distribution point), to the cabinets that are in the street.

From the cabinet to the home/business will usually be standard copper (POTS) cable.

Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) As users wanted to send extra data attached to their emails, this system was developed to let that happen.

It lets a client and mail server negotiate what capabilities it can use.

Note: In December 2014, it was discovered were also susceptible to POODLE attacks on TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.2.

A Microsoft Personal Folder File: Usually used by Microsoft Outlook to store mail locally in a file.

Previous VLK keys were replaced by both MAK and KMS Keys.Hyper Text Transfer Protocol: Traditionally the protocol of web pages, runs over TCP port 80, however multiple vendors abuse this by trying to get their software to run on the same port as this port is usually open on corporate firewalls.(Pronounced ICE) Identity Services Engine: A Cisco product, it’s a security policy management & control platform that automates and simplifies access control, and security compliance for wired, wireless, and VPN connectivity.Cisco ISE is primarily used to provide secure access and guest access, support BYOD initiatives, and enforce usage policies in conjunction with Cisco Trust Sec.If a router asks the NHS server ‘I need to build a tunnel to’ it will reply with ‘The public IP address of that site is’. Perfect Forward Secrecy is a method by which new keys are generated, each new key is mathematically linked to the key that came before it, the prior key being a “Grandfather” key.Non-Volatile RAM: A term usually used with routers to describe RAM that contains information that will not be lost when the device is powered off, these days we would call it flash memory. With PFS enabled this link is broken so a key can not be forward/reverse engineered to guess a previous/new key value). Ping is a command utility that uses the “echo request” part of the ICMP suite of communications protocols, it is used to test network connectivity and the “round trip” time packets take over a network.

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