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During the ritual, the girl who was having her first period was secluded, covered, and blindfolded. Isolation usually lasted for four days if the woman was a commoner, while those belonging to the principal class had to go through this process for as long as a month and twenty days! They believed that the dying in the pre-colonial Philippines.Everything they did was based on existing customs and beliefs, one of which was that having many children was not desirable and even a disgrace.Almost all are impotent for the reproductive act, and thus they marry other males and sleep with them as man and wife and have carnal knowledge.”It’s not easy to be a slave in the ancient Philippines.When a warrior died, for example, a slave was traditionally tied and buried beneath his body.

All of these while her friends and relatives feasted and celebrated. The ” The mantles covering her, on the other hand, shielded her from wind blows, which they believed could lead to insanity. The girl could also not eat anything apart from two eggs or four mouthfuls of rice–morning and night, for four straight days. Also Read: or carried by a male helper on his shoulder. After immersing eight times in the water, the girl was carried back to the home where she would be rubbed with traditional male scents like civet or musk.

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