Problems updating k750i firmware phonesexdating com

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This isn't any better then Insider Release Preview, it's actually the same. But my bet is, they will be rolling out the same flawed update to everyone else in a few weeks time. Well, just because the update process has an extra step doesn't mean that it's not "official" imo.

:) They announced it as an official rollout on their website, the news websites reported it as an official rollout. I'd call it "official" as soon as they push the update to the phones with no extra action required.

I can't recommend it for every single person, because it does undoubtedly void warranty and one must make sure they have the correct files.

My Lumia 1020 got bricked during the update using production ring.

I have two questions:1 Has there been any consensus on what causes/what could fix the battery issue?

I updated yesterday, hard reset, and updated to .164.

I upgraded to 107 build (lumia 640) but installing last final update for 164 give me this error: "some update files are missing or have problems. But then I did ANOTHER reset and the issue got fixed (I still had to "enable" Glance from the Windows Store first, by opening it, and then it appeared on the settings).

we`ll try to download the update again later 0x80073712" Tried hard reset but still same, there is 3GB free and no SD card in the phone PS: Only way to fix this was, restore 8.1 via wdrt, update to win 10, factory reset of 107 build as soon it first boot! It took you several months to finally release this update, how can this still be a problem? A hard reset fixes the latter problem, but also removes most of the Lumia settings apps. I agree btw, after so many months of delay they could have atleast ensured that no major bugs existed (like settings getting 'lost', which is a serious issue).

My Laptop became an absolute (almost unusable) mess after I had updated it to w10 immidiately after release.They can call it whatever they wan't, but technically it's still a "beta", not ready for prime time.They announced it as an official rollout so that it doesn't become to embarrassing for them.By now it's quite stable and does it's job well.Feature and design wise I'm loving w10m (unlike many people in this sub), it's only the bugs that are annoying, and I hope they eventually iron them out like they have almost done with w10.

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