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In 2009, a pregnant Ashley begins hearing a baby crying on the ranch, and begins finding objects seemingly left for her by Victor's ex-wife, Sabrina Costelana Newman, who was pregnant at the time of her death.

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A non-forgiving Sharon asked him to leave just as Nick arrived.– now going by "Adam Wilson" – insists that it is merely a career decision and keeps his distance from Victor.Adam receives a lukewarm reception from Victor's other children, Victoria Newman and Nicholas Newman, who resent him.Sharon breaks it off with Adam and begins to remember things that contradict what she has been told about her baby's death.As everyone confronts a captive Adam, Nicholas's wife Phyllis Newman finds a note left by the dying Dr. The group realizes that Ashley's baby is really Sharon's missing daughter. Adam didn't get very far as he went unconscious after he fell into a ravine as Victor caught up with him giving him CPR before Adam was taken to the hospital where he regained consciousness and was handcuffed.

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