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He had no idea what Scott did when he wasn’t at the Hales’, he honestly didn’t know him all that well, but clearly he worked with animals at the shelter.“Derek, hey! Then his eyes landed on Melvin and his grin faded a little.

“Please tell me this is your dog or you have a place for him to go back to.”“I found him downtown. ”Scott looked shattered, but he moved around the desk anyway to kneel down next to Melvin. I can call around to other shelters, but it’s getting cold, and people are calling in more stray animals than are being adopted.”Derek didn’t ask what happened to make room.

He watched quietly as Scott did a quick exam—feeling the dog’s ribs, checking his mouth, looking into his ears quickly—and Melvin sat patiently, panting happily under the attention.“Well he’s been neutered so he could be a runaway, and he’s in pretty good shape, so he can’t have been on the streets for too long.

At a glance, he looks like he’s mostly just dirty, but I’ll know more once I check him over.” He clipped a leash onto Melvin’s collar and started leading him into the back, and nodded for Derek to follow.

Marshall del Mar and his brooding sidekick Arsenio Grimes?He moved fluidly and with purpose, and was built like a brick wall who could probably give a wolf a real run for his money. I’m her fiance.”Boyd was not at all how Derek had pictured him; the way Erica leered at Parrish specifically, Derek had been expecting a pretty boy with big sparkly eyes and a winning smile.“I’m her new partner.”“Cool.” Boyd’s voice didn’t say he thought it was has something to back it up.”And with that, he was effectively kicked out.Isaac just raised his eyebrows, unimpressed.“I’m pretty sure it’s even worse business strategy to tell everything to a cop, especially the way West and Santini are talking. But even without talking to the creators, Derek could still try and parse out more information from the comics themselves, so he passed by the local comic book store on the way home and picked up all the back issues they had in stock, which was pretty much all of them.Not that he could really tell what he was looking at, the place was chaos.The only space that wasn’t a disorganized mess was the corner by the windows where a man sat hunched over an angled drawing desk, dismissing their conversation and fully engrossed in his work. The wall behind him was neat and orderly, pages of panels and drafts aligned to a grid and carefully labeled with notes in two different styles of handwriting.“How about telling some random deputy?

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