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What I’ve noticed is that most of them are foodie voyeurs—they all watch, but only a very small percent of them actually participate.

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What Tom did was put in a good 20 years without actually being on TV.So, I keep hearing you’re a ladies’ man—over and over and over, actually. Listen, I think any time anyone’s interested in you, you should consider yourself very lucky! What meal would you make to get into someone’s pants?I’m not sure what that means, at all, so I really can’t say.* Seriously? First of all, I think cooking is the way to everyone’s heart.There is an emotionality about cooking, an intimacy, a breaking of barriers and ice. I feel like that would be a desecration of the kitchen!For a man to cook for a woman is probably the ultimate gesture of love and care and generosity because men typically don’t cook for women. I would never, ever think of doing that to the kitchen. In fact, I cook more now than I ever did when I ran a restaurant. When you write cookbooks, you’re constantly cooking and developing recipes.

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