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My piercings are mainly localised to my face - 3 in each ear, one in my nose, one in each eyebrow, plus the one in my belly button.

There were very few girls with my looks and personality in my town, so I guess I filled a niche without really trying.

Since starting work as an escort, I'd never been treated so rough, taken so forcefully before.Actually, in all my life, I'd never felt as powerless as I did the night that Dad fucked me."Speak to your father, Ashley," Dad commanded, breathlessly. "You nasty little slut, you love being fucked hard by your Daddy, don't you? I'd have expected nothing less from him in this situation.The fact I was good at my job was just icing on the cake for my clients. I always knew you were a fucking pervert, but incest?Word of me and my talents slowly got around town, and soon I had bookings for more than 4 days a week. Do your job: fuck me, you dirty little whore." He sat down on the sofa and waited. That's beyond fucked up, even for you," I counteroffered.

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