Romantic dating stories

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For those of you who actually grew up then, this will be a romantic walk down memory lane as you relive all the excitement of those dates back then.For those of you who grew up later, I want to show you how exciting it was for girls--and guys! You'll feel the thrill that could come from just a kiss.AND..can actually play the original version of this song right here on this site-- "A Thousnad Stars in the Sky.".Click here for "Romantic Reminiscing" or use this link for all my stories in the Josh and Nikki series.It's the late fifties or early sixties--back in days of bobby socks and sock hops.Picture yourselves back when traditional values and morals were the norm.

I'm so sorry for this huge delay, but ideas for stories are not so easy to come by as you might think!

The same hormones flowed in guys and girls back then as they do now.

So it was an intensely exciting period, much more so, really, than dating is today.

Those who enjoyed her first story will not be disappointed.

In this one, what at first looked like a disaster during a visit by Raj's grandmother actually produced a very sweet and romantic ending. In this story you'll not only find out, but you'll see one! Since its inception, this Web site has been dedicated to married couples looking for ways to make their marriages more exciting, more playful, and more fun.

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