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MORE: 15 Things Every Die Hard 'Friends' Fan Needs to Own (Photo Credit: NBC, Getty Images) After meeting at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, the pair’s relationship somehow survived Dr.

Green calling Mona a “tramp” after hearing about Rachel’s pregnancy.

(Photo Credit: NBC, Getty Images) Joey couldn’t stand the snobbish actress at first, but their mutual hatred turned into a passionate love affair, despite the fact that she was dating the director of their play.

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There may come a time when the person you're dating can't handle homophones, or you'll discover your girlfriend's laugh drives you insane, or that your significant other doesn't want kids, or that you actually really need a partner who gets your surviving those 10 years without each other.

(Photo Credit: NBC, Getty Images) Despite their age difference, Monica fell hard for Richard, and was devastated to discover that he didn’t want children.

But even though he ruined Chandler’s proposal, and later told Monica he still loved her, the optometrist couldn’t keep those lovebirds apart.

Today, 10 years later, we've reached the age of the cast when the show began back in 1994.

We're semi settled in the world of new jobs, for the most part living fully on our own — and dating.

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