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Given that he's from a rich, affluent family, it sort of fits.In Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun , the Drama Club often makes drama featuring characters of this type, usually cross cast by Kashima.Anime and Manga Mobile Suit Gundam: Is his zaku three times as fast as a normal zaku?Fruits Basket , Yuki is called this by schoolmates who are ignorant of his traumatic past and problematic family relationships.

Gender inverted in that Fate is female, but then again, so is Nanoha. The titular character aspires to be this, though she combines it part-and-parcel with Knight in Shining Armor.

And it turns out he's not the right man for Giselle—but when he realizes this, he gallantly steps aside for her true prince.

While Snow White and the Three Stooges almost squandered the leads, the prince had a greatly expanded role compared to the actual fairy tale.

Princess Tutu 's overall aim in fixing Mytho's broken heart is to turn him back into this.

In Candy Candy , there is the mysterious "Prince from the Hill", a handsome young man dressed in a kilt, who makes Candy smile again when she was sad, and then vanishes in the into thin air, leaving only pendant with a small bell as the only evidence of his existence. In fact, the first time Candy meets Anthony, she thought that he was her "Prince from the Hill" since both had a similar appearence and personality.

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