Sasunaru dating game

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" Iida said, extending his hand to Izuku, his fellow prisoner. Why Stain wanted a civilian like Izuku, Iida didn't know. "Please." Katsuki was not the type of person who pleaded, who asked, who begged. Perhaps they're the reason why your injuries didn't kill you.""Come with me!

Wally West goes to the mysterious Titan Tower to rescue the trapped princess and claim his happily ever after fairytale ending! How much can change for Itachi, Harry, and the History of both worlds, in just one year? Their mission: to protect Harry Potter and the inhabitants of Hogwarts at all costs. complete.[You Are My Light] [Based off of Seito’s AU Oneshots] Hao and Yoh are being hunted down for their Shamanic powers. AU] [COMPLETED][Sasunaru, Joint fic between Qian Yun and Seito.] 5 years ago Naruto disappeared without a trace. Now a person named Shin appears in the middle of the Chuunin Exam. R&RJust because something looked worthless on the outside, didn't mean it was. Or The first thing everyone noticed was this tiny foreign boy stumbling through the front doors of Italy's finest mafia academy."Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." In which Ienari was picked to be Decimo instead of Tsuna, but that's okay because Tsuna was always destined for bigger things than being a mafioso. Ch 2: "Your smile is not as bright as it used to be." Ch 3: Cuddles. As Reborn would say, "Goddamn Namimori." Part of the "We Weren't Born to Follow" universe There was a doll in the glass case. Reborn had read the reports that Iemitsu had provided him. He has no idea why Natsu, the Kwami of Courage, thinks that Tsuna would make a good superhero. R27Shoichi and Spanner could fall asleep anywhere at any time. Tsuna pressed his face against the glass, peering at the doll. While he didn't outright say it, Reborn knew that Iemitsu was disappointed that his son had, in Iemitsu's own words, 'turned out strange'. So caught up in their experiments, they would work until they collapsed out of necessity than actual desire. Not only that, but their bodies have somehow merged into one in the process. Not that teaching the next generation wasn't important, but All Might was in such high demand. Cue worry On Nana's grave, Toshinori swears to uphold his promise to his master and bring Sensei to justice. Toshinori's journey from hero in training to All Might to Symbol of Peace. The hardest part about being a Pro-Hero is the knowledge that you can't save everyone. From across the room, his own weapon pointed at Tsuna, Reborn smirked, that infuriating look that drove Tsuna around the bend. (Famous last words, Iemitsu.) Iemitsu tries to be a competent father. The roar of an explosion and the sensation of uncontrolled falling. Then Goku comes in with his bright smile and a message. It makes my muscles sore and what is there to smile about? I didn’t mean for that to ha No pairing, No finding out of demons. Don’t you ever let anyone copy it or take it from you,” I whispered How do you stop Death? All it takes is to just sit down and listen to the other person.

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