Saying i love you before dating

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He may feel extra close and attached to you as you cuddle. Before you believe any promise or declaration of love that comes out of his mouth, make sure that the relationship is standing on some solid foundation.

“A new person shows up in your life and they’re suddenly supposed to be your everything…that doesn’t honor the rest of your life,” she says. If he thinks you’ll sleep with him just because you like hearing him saying I love you, then maybe he’s not really worth it after all.[Read: 10 sneaky techniques guys use to get into your pants] #3 Right before nookie.Contexts where saying I love you is inappropriate or too soon While you’re dating, keep a vigilant eye and ear—as well as heart—on those three little words, especially if they are uttered in the following contexts: #1 It’s just been 3 weeks. While “love at first sight” might be true for some, saying “I love you” after just a few dates may not always be a good idea.If he says those words within at least a couple of months or more, that doesn’t guarantee that he knows you enough to back those words up.

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