Script for validating a form in javascript

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This script provides the option to prevent browserjs posting messages into the console.Additionally, it allows you to check how many times it changed scripts on the page like this: Partly deprecated - not needed for most users since Opera 9 (abusive dialogs can be blocked, but not with so much control as this script) Every time a page attempts to use an alert, it is replaced by a confirmation dialog that allows you to choose if any more alerts should be displayed.If a page was badly written and causes problems, and the author refuses to fix it, you can fix it yourself.Or you can extend a page with useful tools of your choice.

If you allow it, this will prompt again after another 5 dialogs.But I recommend you read the tutorial first, as it contains useful info about using Greasemonkey scripts. Deprecated - not needed since Opera 10 - Opera now has its own native handling similar to this script If an XML file contains no style information, Opera will render it as an unstyled Web page. Some other browsers display the XML tree for the page.The scripts can often be shared with other Opera users, and that is what this page is here for. This script replicates that behaviour in Opera, making it a useful tool for analysing XML files.See the official Opera User Java Script tutorial (written by yours truly) for an introduction to how you can use it.See also the Greasemonkey Script Repository, since Opera is capable of running many of those too.

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