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Under his leadership, the agency is working to transform prejuidice into acceptance, inequity into justice, and hostility into peace. He was also lead attorney in a class action lawsuit on behalf of Japanese Latin Americans which lead to redress and an apology from the President for being forcibly brought to and imprisoned in the U. and used in prisoner exchange with Japan during WWII.By building community capacity and focus in key areas, racialized gang violence has been lessened. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001. Robert is the Program Manager for the Human Relations Branch of the Los Angeles County Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services Department.

In 1995, Kevin began a career with the California Youth Authority and California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation as a Correctional Counselor.Additionally, he serves as a crime report reviewer for the annual Hate Crime Report that is produced by the Commission.Pierre is also assigned to an interdisciplinary team tasked with developing and implementing a public education campaign in collaboration with the Department of Public Health focusing on Trauma Prevention for the Florence-Firestone community of South LA.As a high school senior, Pierre came together with his friends to form "The GR818ERS" (pronounced 'great-one-eighters'), a positive community movement utilizing Hip Hop culture to uplift and empower their community.While studying Sociology at Brown University, Pierre was awarded the Royce Sport and Society Fellowship and the C. Starr Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship to build the capacity of The GR818ERS as a force in social development through the arts and athletics.

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