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It emphasizes individual freedom and autonomy, but fails to uphold our wider interdependence. One night, I was hanging out with a pair of friends playing games and having a few drinks.

The male friend of mine had a crush on the female friend of mine, but she didn't share his feelings.

Caroline Contillo, the author of the post, argues that Buddhist teachings around sexuality point towards the creation of a culture of consent.

The term "enthusiastic consent" was hot stuff back in my college days (mid-1990s) and has returned to the forefront in recent years to address a diverse range of sex scandals, including Steubenville.

There's a lot more I could say about the intricacies of consent, but what I want to dig into goes beyond that.

With the verdict in the Steubenville case has come a lot of discussion about rape and sexism, and the state of culture in our supposed "post-feminist" America.

I say supposed because like those who speak of a post-racial America, folks who say frameworks like feminism have outlasted their use are either woefully unaware or deliberately trying to reverse the gains made during the second half of the 20th century.

However, what happened next - when I told her we should get back to the apartment now - wasn't just about rescinding consent.

It was really about weighing the potential consequences.

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