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In 1869 he was called to Fort Dodge and was installed there.Soon he had eight stations as well as his growing congregation.The state of Iowa was settled late in comparison to many of the surrounding states.Illinois became a state in 1818, 28 years before Iowa.Doescher's efforts were rewarded by his efforts and one year he served 18 stations.It was physically impossible for him to fill all the demands on him so he personally asked Synod for help in 1860 at Fort Wayne.They poured in from all parts of the country, one county in Ohio sending in 1,000 settlers alone.In one year, four million acres of land were allotted to new settlers.

Paul's Lutheran congregation for the past 11 years.

German immigrant families moved into northeast Calhoun County in the 1860's and 1870's.

When the Missouri Lutheran Synod, already organized in Fort dodge, realized this they sent someone out to investigate those reported to be of Lutheran faith. The results of the exploratory trip were not encouraging.

He served his vicarage year at Janesville, Wisconsin.

It soon became evident that serving the spiritual needs of the settlements in Iowa by a pastor from another state was at best but a makeshift. Looking back at his activities, one must conclude that Doescher was one of the special gifts which the Lord of the church bestows upon His people at His chosen time, and uses them for such a period as he sees fit.

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