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A procedural error or deficiency shall not require an outcome in favor of the person allegedly disadvantaged by the error.

If a student tells you that they have been the victim of sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence or dating violence, you are required to report it to Campus Security.

An employee of the College Susan Kaufman, Manager, Human Resources, (920) 735-2574 or [email protected] Ciontea, Human Resources, (920) 735-4722 or [email protected] an employee reports a violation to a supervisor, manager or administrator, the person to whom the report is made must immediately notify Susan Kaufman or in her absence, Jaye Ciontea, who will notify the Title IX Coordinator.

Any incident report involving a complaint directed at a Vice President of the College may be filed directly with the President.

Additional time may be necessary in order to conduct a fair and equitable investigation.

The person filing the incident report and the accused will be informed periodically of the status of the investigation.

A procedural error or deficiency shall not require an outcome in favor of the person allegedly disadvantaged by the error. If you run into problems taking or reentering the program, do not start over.

Contact us through the HELP button and we will assist you.

The person filing the incident report or the accused should report any procedural error or deficiency to the Conduct Officer or Director, Human Resources, or it shall be deemed waived.Fox Valley Technical College’s Title IX Coordinators are: Dr.Patti Jorgensen, Vice President of Student and Community Development, [email protected], 920-735-5649 Susan Kaufman, Associate Director, Human Resources, [email protected], 920-735-2574 Therese Nemec, Director, Instructional Excellence, [email protected], 920-735-4765 Jayme Bowman, Manager, Security Services, [email protected], 920-993-5138 Tony Duff, Manager, Student Conduct, [email protected], 920-225-5913 Shannon Gerke Corrigan, Manager, Co-Curricular & Student Engagement, [email protected], 920-735-4796 Anthony Miller, Scholars for Success Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion Services, [email protected], 920-735-4706 To review any written statement that will be offered by the other party at a hearing (if a hearing is held) or proceeding prior to the time that it is offered (to the greatest extent possible and consistent with FERPA or other applicable law); On campus, Counseling and Advising Services is able to help you by providing private counseling and support while you weigh options and work through any reporting or conduct processes that may be ahead.Therese Nemec Office: Room G118D, Appleton Campus 920-735-4765 [email protected] Gerke Corrigan Office: Room E121O, Appleton Campus 920-735-4796 [email protected] IX Questions?The Counseling Program provides evidence-based, trauma-specific therapies to treat trauma from violence and abuse.

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