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After just a couple of minutes, Chuck said, “Count Christy and I in. ”Janice was next, “John and I will go if everyone else goes.

The guys all knew what they and their wife liked to drink, so that was easy.

They loaded ice chests, grocery bags, suitcases and themselves into the two vehicles.

They were on their way for a relaxing long weekend with friends. The trip up to the ski area was a couple of hours drive. ”Tom closed the cover and said, “I’m hungry, what did you girls bring to eat? ”She walked across the room to the kitchen and picked up the wind up timer off the counter. ”She wound the timer up for 20 minutes and sat down with Tom.

”Willie and Wanda had just been sitting and listening to the conversation.

Wanda spoke up, “If the sleeping accommodations are just the four big futons, its not going to give anyone much privacy.”Willie added, “You all know how shy Wanda is.”Chuck quickly said, “Maybe this would help her get over being Little Miss Shy!

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