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Provided by Alexa ranking, has ranked N/A in N/A and N/A on the world.

$ ls /urlfind Home | Generators | Servers | Hosting Providers | XPowered-by | IP Addresses | Word Press Plugins $ cat /urlfind/motd - URL Mapping and cross domains links.

The hash for my dollar contract is: SHA:e3b445c2a6d82df81ef46b54d386da23ce8f3775 and that SHA1 hash is bound into every signed payment and signed receipt, so the contract is set in stone. The second group are 'toys' and the first group are 'real' But the same rule applies; if you hold some units of the toy contracts, the issuers are bound to follow them.

If you mail them you'll find they take their responsibilities seriously, I hope :-) The only value in a cert is provided by the CAs willingness to sign it.

In order to address this, I developed a simple rule: tell the truth.

Everything that was written into a contract should be the truth. Now, this might seem quite basic, but I had a lot of trouble getting people to follow this rule in writing contracts...

If you have any issues, please email Daniel Cid at [email protected]

Using a common expression is fine - as long as nobody got their first.

At the extreme, "Click Yes to continue" would even have a plausible complaint against any company that declined to accept its name!

The natural tendency is to expect there to be a standard and for everyone to follow it.

But in practice, there often isn't much of a standard, and that which is there isn't of any help; in fact in terms of addressing fraud, most standards hinder more than they help.

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