Shroud of turin carbon dating fire

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Holes in wrists Mr Wilson believes the type of weave used is more consistent with ancient than medieval times and that the medical evidence is compelling.

"It's true that thousands of people were crucified at the time of Jesus.

So much effort was put into the sample taking procedure." In short, he is convinced that the object dates from the 14th Century.

And yet that doesn't take away from the shroud's power to move people, he adds.

"Through no fault of the labs the 1988 sample was taken from the most inadvisable place - the top left hand corner," he says.

So I think you should present ALL the relevant facts.But one singular thing about the crucifixion of Christ is the crown of thorns and on the shroud there are a whole series of puncture wounds where the scalp has bled." And whereas every artist imagined Jesus crucified through the palms, the shroud indicates it was through the wrist, which is the only plausible way the body would have remained on the cross, he says.But how to explain the photographic negative like print of Jesus's face? The shroud is some kind of negative of the body it's wrapped up.But I don't think that's what this is about." Add your comments on this story, using the form below.To those who choose to believe, no proof is needed. Noreen Lundeen, Manchester New Jersey USANext is the Santa costume found hanging in a house in Norway - the real clothing worn by Father Christmas?

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