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I am currently a Ph D candidate at Maastricht University Medical Center – School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, supervised by Dr. My work as a therapist and group facilitator has focused especially on trauma, oppression, and working with extreme states of consciousness that get diagnosed as psychosis; my Ph D research is focusing on psychiatric medications and alternatives.I also have extensive background in community organizing and organizational development, and see “mental health” as a community and social issue.In school I became an outsider, pulled between my love of learning and my differences from other students.Growing up in a family haunted by war and trauma, my sensitivity turned towards self-preservation, as I tried to make sense of the racial, class, and gender conf Iicts that surrounded me in the South.I am a counselor and facilitator working with individuals, couples, families and groups via phone and Skype.I have taught and consulted on mental health, trauma, psychosis, medications, domestic violence, conflict resolution, and organizational development in more than 30 countries, and been widely featured in the media for my advocacy efforts around mental health care.

Today I teach what I have learned and use my experience to help guide people to their own discoveries of healing, as a counselor, through my writing, leading trainings, and consulting with organizations.

But there was still the original Skype username “jpkeisala” enabled with full access and I had not changed password of that username for ages.

This same username used to be a username that I was using for many services back in the day.

So I look at which sites has been hacked by and https:// and yes… Ok, now I was sure that this is not malware but hacking.

So I went to check https://com/Activity for susipcious activites and report to support page.

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