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Titre éteint en 1940 avec la 3e duchesse Elisabeth de Cossé-Brissac.History and songs Histoire_walsh_antilles Regiment walsh wikipedia Regiment walsh Chateau_de_Serrant Phillip_Walsh Société_d'Angola Le du Teillay Owned by Antoine Walsh (later to become Count de Serrant) a privateer out of St. The frigate Le du Teillay, armed with 18 guns, 24 swivels, and carrying a crew of 67 men, left Bon Anse, Saint-Nazaire on Friday July 3, 1745 (all dates N. S.) to sail to Belle-Île and meet l'Elisabeth (a French man-of-war of 64 guns supplied by Walter Rutledge), which did not arrive until 11am on July 13th.Accompanied by his attendants, the prince immediately landed in Eriska, and was conducted to the house of Angus Mac Donald, the tacksman, or principal tenant thereof and of the small islands adjoining.While prolonged (unsuccessful) discussions were taking place between Charles and the influential Scots clansmen of the area, two vessels appeared making for the strait in which the continued her course during the night, and next morning cast anchor in the bay of Lochnanuagh (Loch na n Uamh), which partly divides the countries of Moidart and Arisaig.Lord Clare having introduced Prince Charles to Ruttledge and Walsh, explained the prince's design, and proposed that they should lend him their ships.This proposal was at once acceded to by the owners, who also offered to supply the prince with money and such arms as they could procure, in fulfilment of which offer they afterwards placed in his hands the sum of £3,800.The engagement depicted in this painting took place on 9 July 1745, and was described as follows: the French man-of-war the (60 guns), off the Lizard at four o'clock. He, however, offered to pursue the voyage if supplied with a main-mast and some rigging, but Walsh had no spare materials; and after intimating that he would endeavour to finish the voyage himself, and advising the commander of the; but being a swift-sailing vessel she outran her pursuer.

Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, lands with just seven companions on the Isle of Eriskay, Scotland.

All but Antoine Walsh and another in his troop named O'Sullivan urged him to return to France.

Charles refused to listen to any advice and gradually assembled a few local supporters.

When informed that everything was in readiness for his departure, Charles went to Nantes, near the mouth of the Loire, in disguise, and having descended the Loire in a fishing boat on the 20th of June, (O.

S.) 1745, embarked on the 21st on board the , which had on board 100 marines raised by Lord Clare, about 2,000 muskets, and 500 or 600 French broad-swords.

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