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In fact, many a theological explanation, and many a homily or sermon has explained in human terms, in human values, the meaning and point of some commandment found in the Bible or other sacred document -- and it seems important and natural to do that.Yet if morality were truly scripturally based, there would be no need to try to see any point to whatever commandments are prescribed; one would have to believe in them just because they were commanded.

It is a mistake because it causes unnecessary suspicions about the moral values, moral character, and moral behavior of other people along religious or denominational lines; and it is a mistake because it unnecessarily keeps moral education out of secular schools where it is mistakenly thought to be an intrusion of religion into those schools.

Nor does one apply the brakes in order to stay out of jail (if one is not speeding, it might not be a punishable offense), nor to make oneself feel good (since there is no reason to feel good about saving a child if one did not already believe it was a good for the child to be able to continue to live).

One may even choose to plow into an empty parked car in order to miss the child, because one realizes the life of the child is more important than mere material objects, even expensive ones.

The "spirit" in "spiritual" is often a reference to the holy spirit of God, or, in Christianity, to the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual person is one who is close to God, loves God, always thinks of God, puts God first, or who tries to do God's will.

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