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VA researchers are refining ways to reliably diagnose TBI and to predict Veterans' outcomes and care needs.

Brain aging—A 2015 study led by researchers from TRACTS found that Veterans who were near bomb blasts in Iraq and Afghanistan appear to experience faster brain aging.

The person may also have a loss of memory for the time immediately before or after the event that caused the injury.

Not all injuries to the head result in a TBI, however.

top top VA research related to TBI is wide-ranging.

Among the goals of VA researchers working in this field are to shed light on brain changes in TBI, improve screening methods and refine tools for diagnosing the condition, and develop ways to treat brain injury or limit its severity when it first occurs.

All four federal agencies are collaborating with colleges and universities.

Most TBI injuries are considered mild, but even mild cases can involve serious long-term effects on areas such as thinking ability, memory, mood, and focus.The National Research Action Plan is improving scientific understanding of TBI, PTSD, various conditions related to both TBI and PTSD, and suicide.Other goals of the plan include providing effective treatments for these conditions, and reducing their occurrence.Among the highlights of the plan is the establishment of two joint Do D/VA research consortia at a combined investment of 7 million.These include the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD, a collaboration led by the University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio, and the Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC), led by Virginia Commonwealth University.

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