Teeenage dating violence

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Domestic violence is especially dangerous, because although it is incredibly prevalent locally and globally, it is often kept quiet and ignored.As a result, it may be viewed by society as a fairly accepted and typical behavior.However, the issue has enormous implications not only for individual victims, but also for children who witness the violence happening, yet have little power to stop it.Children who grow up in a household characterized by cruelty and immorality come to believe domestic violence is normal.An estimated 3.3 million to 10 million children are exposed to domestic violence each year.Studies show that in many cases children who live in violent households fall victim to abuse.

The nature of the parent-child relationship is crucial to determining whether the child will suffer from harm.Resources and Publications NOTE: This fact sheet contains resources, including Web sites, created by a variety of outside organizations. Department of Education does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on the Web sites of these outside organizations. Korchmaros, Ph D, University of Arizona; Danah Boyd, Ph D, New York University; and Kathleen Basile, Ph D, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The resources are provided for the user's convenience and inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by the U. Department of Education of the organizations, their products, services, or materials, or any views or claims expressed by those outside organizations. Approximately 9.4% of all high school students have admitted to suffering physical abuse from a romantic partner, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Teen dating violence has similar effects to witnessing violence in the home.

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