The rules for dating and texting

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Needless to say, people got super specific about texts – receiving an “OK” made your blood boil, since it was an absolute waste of money.

However, once texting plans were unleashed and unlimited texting became a thing, you no longer had to ask someone whether or not their plan included such luxury.

This may be hard for anyone under the age of 30 to remember, but back in the day, texting wasn’t included in your cell phone plan.

It actually cost somewhere around five cents to send or receive one, a sum that quickly added up if you got too chatty.

Friends, this is pretty much the key element of those bad-text-comedy sites I mentioned earlier.

If this is your fifteenth date, something sweet like “I always love spending time with you, thanks for dinner last night! Save your small talk for after he’s had a dose of caffeine the next morning or later in the afternoon, when you’re both wanting something to break up your work day. Or he’s not the kind of guy who has his phone in his pocket throughout the entire day. Maybe that’s how he texts with his guys, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.When you were in a relationship, knowing whether or not your significant other had a texting plan was .Of course, every positive has a negative, and some people just don’t know what they’re doing.” If he’s having a bad day, get creative with animated gifs.Sometimes they cover more ground than the typical emoji, and surely they’ll make him smile.

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