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How to be a good military girlfriend or boyfriend is of the utmost importance.Here are a few of my tips to be a better girlfriend or boyfriend: As your soldier moves from basic training to his first assignment, your relationship will grow and change. Take your time to know whether this is the life that is right for both of you. The military introduces a unique set of challenges to every marriage–separations, frequent moves, and a demanding job just to name a few.Think rationally, logically and wisely about marrying into military life.

There will be challenges and day to day frustrations and at times it can be overwhelming, but with a group of people that truly support one another in a healthy empowering way it can be an incredible experience.This could be military community members or civilians.Establishing friendships and good relationships with others will offer you the support you need to overcome the ups and downs of military life.Can you tell me what to do right now and how I can show that I support him?-- Wants to Know Now Dear Wants to Know, It's official: Plenty of Americans love the swagger of a man (or woman) in uniform, especially a military uniform.

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