Twitterfeed not updating twitter

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Happy to provide login details privately if it'd help you out.Thanks again :-) I truncated the tweets table as you suggested.It just shows the old ones from my original account.Here is my Diagnostics Report: Perch: 2.8.29, PHP: 5.3.28, My SQL: mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 731e5b87ba42146a687c29995d2dfd8b4e40b325 $, with PDO Server OS: Linux, cgi-fcgi Installed apps: content (2.8.29), assets (2.8.29), categories (2.8.29), perch_forms (1.8.3), perch_twitter (3.5.1) App runtimes: Thanks for the reply, Draw :-) I have actually tried this previously., there is a useful tool for Twitter known as Twitter Feed which helps you to directly tweet the articles through RSS feeds.

It's still displaying tweets from the original account I used.Here are the simple steps which you need to follow to use Twitter Feed: Now you can be relaxed because after using this tool you don’t need to worry about tweeting all your latest blog post manually and you can drive huge Twitter traffic easily to your blog.Here are 5 Free RSS to Twitter services that let you publish RSS feed to Twitter.Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to get the latest updates and version releases.This is the limited version of the commercial plugin that features 8 different twitter resources (including lists and search), 5 different skins and 3 shortcodes and 3 widgets!

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