Updating a sql table from excel

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Write To Server($dt) This will only import everything, not just the changes.In this post I will describe how SQL Spreads can be used to create an Excel document that will update SQL Server data.

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I'd set up a stored procedure in SQL to handle the data in the staging table, and run that after loading the staging table.

Users are authenticated using their Windows Login and can only work with the Excel documents for which they are authorized.

In SQL Spreads, data is automatically validated when users enter their figures and data from other Microsoft Excel documents can be pasted directly into the SQL Server connected document, but only if the data is valid.

This is for a rather simple recording database, and will only need to be run once a day.

As a work around I was going to import it into a new table, sync the new table with the existing one inside of SQL, then wipe the data from the new table ready for the next time the script runs.

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