Updating excel

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Follow these steps to set up the short list of cities.

If you are using Excel 2013, you can use a slicer on an Excel table.

If you are looking for updates, Support has ended for Office 2007.

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It's best to reboot your computer before starting an update or repair, to reduce the chances of a running program preventing files from being repaired or replaced.I also have had this problem with a very large spreadsheet that just stopped updating itself over the weekend, but having checked the above solutions, setting were already set to automatic, and sheet is too big to rebuild, so I was at a loss.My solution was to find an old version of the same excel spreadsheet which was not having thses issuesbefore I archived it, which is of similar size and complexity to the current version.However, if there are pivot tables from different data sources, you can't connect the to the same slicer. The long slicer will go onto the short list sheet, where it will be updated by the code.In this example, there is a pivot table based on a table with sales data, and a slicer for the City field. To move a slicer: After moving both the slicers, click on a city in the short city slicer, and the main pivot table should change, to show only the results for that city. The zipped file contains macros, so enable macros to test the slicers. Download a completed sample file that has two sets of Slicers (one for City, one for Category).

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